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Our Story

For almost forty-five (45!) years, Royce Bell has served in undenominational ministry to thousands of "seekers." Sometimes, these seekers desire a spiritual understanding of God.

Since I am a Christian, I am is always happy to discuss these matters, whenever it may be convenient and comfortable for you to do so.  While I make no apology for my faith, I realize that not everyone embraces it, but I make no distinction among people of goodwill, if they need my assistance.

My Philosophy on Grief Ministry



Our Pledge

  • We will respect and protect the privacy of you, your family and your loved one.
  • We will maintain the highest level of professional courtesy toward your family and the memory of your loved one.
  • We will uphold the highest exemplary standard of moral conduct.
  • We will take the time to listen, knowing that if you have cared enough to ask us to assist, we owe it to you to carefully listen to your concerns, needs, ideas and suggestions.
  • We will interview your family—or designees--so that we have a clear picture of the life, interests and experiences of your loved one.
  • We will exercise diligence in preparing a tribute in memory of your loved one, drawing from your family’s collective memories, culture and heritage.
  • We will craft appropriate words, without exaggeration or empty embellishment, to tell the story of your loved one.
  • We will interface with your funeral director to insure that his/her concerns—reflecting your needs—are adequately met in the service we officiate.
  • We will honor your loved one.

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What Our Families
 Say About Us...

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In a long letter, telling the sad story of her son (a legal professional), whose funeral service we had officiated just a few weeks before, a grieving mother wrote:

"J. was very devout and you will never know how much your words meant to me. I so wish that J. had known you and had come to hear your words. He really had a terrible life and I think that his faith sustained him...At least in death J. had love from a man of God, and kindness." Thanks.

 FS, Laguna Woods Village CA

A Note to J. (funeral director) and us...

I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job organizing my father's... memorial service.  J., you were so incredibly helpful and professional during the entire process.  I would like to contact whoever your supervisor is to let them know how pleased I was.  And Royce, by just putting together a few bits of information without ever meeting my dad you nailed the type of service I was hoping for.  I appreciated the inclusion of the prayer while you still honored the fact that my dad was not a participant in organized religion; a perfect happy medium.  Anyway, you both helped E. and I make the best of a difficult situation.  I truly feel like my dad's life was honored in the perfect way to fit him and what a gift it is to feel that way.  We all want to do right by our dad.  Two big thumbs up to you guys.  


"Your thoughtfulness means so much more than words can ever say. We cannot thank you enough for the care and consideration you have shown our family. It meant so much to us that you took the time and put in the effort to get to know our family and our mom. So many at the service assumed you had known us for years. Again, we cannot thank you enough. Suffice it to say that our Mom has another adopted"
JS and The S., Riverside CA

"The WA family was very pleased with your service in the memory of our loved one. There were many comments echoing our sentiments. You captured B. so well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
G. J. R. and Families

"You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much.
L and RC family, Riverside

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.  I know my aunt was pleased and content in her passing.  May God bless you and yours."
R&V O, Rialto CA

"My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for honoring my husband's memory! Thank you for all your love & support you gave to me & my family.  We will forever be grateful. Love,"
K&G&V S, Ontario CA

"Thank you for conducting the beautiful memorial tribute, ... I especially enjoyed the good research you did on my Alma Mater, St. Andrews's Priory...Speaking of my Alma Mater always brings back good memories.  Your presentation was simply outstanding and  quite inspiring to me. And, to the Honor Guard Team: Job well done! Sincerely,"
RO, Colorado Springs CO

"I want to thank you again for making my dad's service so special.  My entire family felt the service was perfect, thanks to you!"
KW, Newbury Park CA

"I didn't get a chance to thank you for your wonderful service..., yesterday.  The family was very thankful and thought everything mentioned on her life was wonderful. Thank you again, it was a great service."
RM, Ontario CA

"I must thank you one more time for the beautiful service you did...With such a varied group of religious beliefs it was amazing how everyone was brought together and how all were so pleased with your words."
MS, Tucson AZ

“My sister and I wanted to thank you for the lovely testimonial you gave our dad at his memorial service. It was such a heart-felt tribute to a wonderful man and we appreciated it so very much. The true essence of the man we dearly loved shone through.”
CS, Blue Jay CA

“We so appreciate everything you did to help us in this difficult time.”
PG, Grand Terrace CA

“Thank you for the fantastic service you gave for my mother. It seemed as though knew her and our family for a lifetime.”
PF, Rancho Murietta CA

“Thank you for all the time and thought you put into the service for our mother”
S, J & S, Yucaipa CA

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